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Tree Dahlias


Purple Tree Dahlia.

Dahlia species - imperialis is a very tall growing dahlia, growing to 3.0 metres plus. It will grow in any soil type with a preference for full sun. Usually they are located against a fence and left in site for many years. 

Propagation is usually from canes obtained in spring time. When the bush has finished flowering, cut the canes to within 300mm of the ground, making sure that you cut just above a node in the stem. This will ensure that earwigs etc don't hide in the hollow cane. Cut the canes into segments of at least two nodes, then layer them into moist soil in a sunny spot in the garden where they can sprout undisturbed for a few weeks. This is the preferred method of striking them. An alternate method, is to plant the canes upright in the garden or in a pot of potting soil. When the shoots are 50 to 100mm long, carefully dig them up and plant in their permanent position. The tubers can be dug and split up after a number of years to provide more plants.

purpdahlia.jpg (20012 bytes)Tree dahlias usually flower from June through to mid September in Australia.

They come in three colours - mauve, white and purple and the white comes in double or single.

Experiments are being done with seedlings to produce other colours, including a bronze / orange colour. 


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